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How to type the backtick character on Windows, Ubuntu, Mac OS?

The backtick character   `  (or the grave accent) is widely used from keyboard to generate accent characters like à , is used in programming to escape keys, name of fields or in markdown to define code snippets.
The backtick can be found on a dead key  that is used to attach a diacritic to a base letter.

QWERTY and QWERTZ keyboard layout

On QWERTY and QWERTZ keyboards, the dead key is located near  the one with number 1, on the left side.

Image of qwerty keyboard layout

AZERTY France keyboard layout

On AZERTY France keyboard layout, the dead key is located between number 6 and number 8 keys, on number 7 key. You must press Alt Gr + backtick key.

AZERTY France keyboard layout image

AZERTY Belgium keyboard layout

On AZERTY Belgium keyboard layout, the dead key is located near Enter key, on left side of it. Same as on AZERTY France, you must press Alt Gr with it.

Image with AZERTY Belgium keyboard layout locating the backtick key

Alt codes

If you don’t have one of these keyboard layouts or you can not find the key, an alt code exists. You must hold left Alt and type a combination of numbers to generate the character.

  • Alt + 96
  • Alt + 096
  • Alt + 0060

Example: Hold left Alt, press 9, release 9, press 6, release 6 and release Alt.

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