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How to easily understand Unix jobs management (ctrl+z, bg, jobs, fg)

When you are executing a long-running script in any Linux distribution, you can make it run in the background of your terminal.

How to use threads in Python 3 [the easy way]

In this tutorial, you’ll learn to use threading in Python 3 using the default library concurrent.futures.

How to edit Mac OS hosts file?

You can modify your hosts file in order to change the domain name system (DNS) for a domain on your computer.

How to send emails through a Docker container using Flask API?

Back in the day, my projects were written in PHP and then as a simple solution, I’ve been using Postfix with its basic configuration. Postfix is a simple email server, easy to administer and secure.

How to run WordPress with docker on Linux/macOS/Windows?

In this tutorial, I will show to what to do in order to set up a WordPress container with its own database on Windows 10. You’ll be guided step by step, we will configure a network, make some containers and learn some basics for Windows 10 docker.

How to pass visitors real IP to WordPress from Nginx reverse proxy?

One of many experienced problems with Nginx was with passing the real IP of visitors to a service behind it, like WordPress.
It may seem like a rookie problem, but sometimes it happens!

How to run Nginx with docker-compose ?

In the previous tutorial, I have been teaching you how to run Nginx using only Docker. Now, I will show you, how to configure a docker-compose file and start up the project.

How to run Nginx with Docker?

In this tutorial, I will show you how to run a local HTTP server to serve your static website without installing anything on your machine, using only Docker.