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How to install Python with pyenv

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I do recommend using pyenv for various python installations and better version management. Also, pyenv is indicated for users who don’t want to temper with the system’s already installed Python.

What is pyenv?

Pyenv is a single-purpose tool that does one thing well. It lets you easily switch between multiple Python versions or easily set up a different Python version globally.

Installation of pyenv

Using Homebrew

brew update
brew install pyenv

Using the automatic installer

The automatic installer is found here

Install a new Python version using pyenv

List all available Python versions and pick one

pyenv install -l

Install chosen Python version and set it as global

pyenv install 3.10.2
pyenv global 3.10.2

Verify the installation

If everything works, checking your Python version will output the previously installed version.

python3 --version

Different Python version than the one installed from pyenv

If it does not work, and the output differs, you have to override the Python version installed in the system by executing the following commands:

echo 'eval "$(pyenv init --path)"' >>~/.profile

echo 'eval "$(pyenv init -)"' >> ~/.bashrc

Verify the installation again

Open a new terminal and check the Python version again by using python3 --version.

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